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Are you passionate about health and wellness? Looking for a space that welcomes forward thinking opinions and ground-breaking evidence?

Nexia Wellness is looking for health and wellness professionals ready to shape the industry! By sharing your knowledge and insights, you can provide authoritative guidance for readers seeking fresh perspectives on their wellbeing.

Leave your mark as an industry expert by providing truly helpful information that assist people to make well-informed health decisions.

The Benefits of Writing with Us

Help readers take better control of their health by sharing your opinions and expertise

Grow your name and brand with an author biography and link to your website

Reach the right target audience by being part of a progressive holistic health community.

Although we welcome all submissions, only articles approved by our team will be published.

Article submissions must abide by the following criteria:
  • 500 to 2000 word count
  • Images welcome (with proof of ownership license)
  • Subjects and topics must fit under given categories (see below)
  • Appropriate referencing when applicable
  • Correct grammar and no illicit words or profanity
  • No solicitation of products or services within the body of the article
  • Personal opinions and comments are welcome as long as they are stated as such
Terms of Submission:
  • Submitted articles are subject to review before publication (may take up to 10 business days for review)
  • If an article does not follow content rules, Nexia Wellness holds the right to refuse acceptance and publication in the Nexia Wellness blog or other channels
  • Nexia Wellness holds the right to alter word font and formatting for accepted articles.
  • Authors must agree that Nexia Wellness holds the right to repost accepted articles in other channels. Refer to the Terms and Conditions.

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