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Cannabis Oil

Cannabidiol Supplements: What to look for in a High Quality Product

Whether you are keto, vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based, high-quality supplements are an essential ingredient of any balanced diet and can even help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a relative newcomer on the wellness scene. And yet, it has taken the market quite by storm due to its many research-backed health benefits. 

CBD is a naturally occurring substance in the cannabis plant. Unlike its counterpart THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects and will not get you high. What it might be able to do, however, relieves pain, anxiety, and inflammation. 

How to Pick the Best CBD Supplement for You

CBD supplements come in all shapes and sizes: from oils, drops, and capsules to various edibles and topical products. The problem is that, with so many products on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs.

What’s more, the FDA currently does not control CBD products like it does most other drugs or dietary supplements, which leaves cannabidiol in a regulatory gray area. That’s great news for marketers — but not so much for consumers.

Given all that, how can you tell if the product you are about to buy is any good?

Here is what to watch out for when choosing a CBD supplement:

Hemp Source

Always buy CBD products made from 100% organic, GMO-free hemp grown in the U.S. or Europe. Hemp is a bioaccumulator, which means that it absorbs pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxic substances from the soil. 

CBD Content 

Different products come with different CBD content. If your condition is more severe, you might need supplements with higher CBD concentrations. Conversely, if you are only looking for an overall health boost, a lower dosage could work just fine.

THC Content

Note that only CBD supplements with a THC content of 0.3% or less have been removed from the Schedule I Controlled Substances List. These products are now legal in all 50 states. However, stricter regulations apply for products with higher amounts of THC.

Third-Party Testing

Only buy from manufacturers that test their products in independent third-party labs and upload the certificates of analysis on their websites. Ideally, they should be testing each batch separately as well. 

Extraction Method

CO2 extraction is the gold standard of extraction methods. It yields highly saturated and pure cannabidiol extracts. 

Cannabinoid Spectrum

For best results, look for full-spectrum CBD supplements. Full-spectrum products are whole-plant extracts that contain CBD in addition to a host of other cannabinoids and healthy nutrients. Studies show that plant extracts work better in unison than as isolates. 

Unsupported Health Claims

Recent scientific research indicates that CBD holds a lot of promise as an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agent — and more. 

However, there is still much that we don’t know about cannabis, cannabidiol, and their effect on the human body. As of now, there is no definitive proof that CBD can effectively treat, let alone cure, any health condition. Avoid purchasing your supplements from sellers or manufacturers making such claims — they are simply too good to be true. 

High Quality CBD Supplements 

We’ve researched different forms of CBD supplements and found these top-performing supplements worth trying.

Best CBD Oil: Verified CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Verified CBD was founded by Bob Chambers, a former pharmacist who uses his pharmacological expertise and personal experience with CBD to create some of the highest-quality CBD products on the market.

Verified CBD’s full-spectrum oil is made from organically grown, non-GMO U.S. hemp using CO2 extraction. The production process is fully in line with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standard.

A third-party lab tests each batch for potency, safety, and quality. These tests show that Verified CBD supplements have a purity of more than 80% compared to a 17–40% industry average.

And as far as CBD content goes, you can choose between 3000 mg (10%), 1500 mg (5%), and 300 mg (1%).

Best CBD Gummies: Royal CBD Gummies

Unlike oils, edibles such as gummies or capsules go through the digestive tract, which may decrease their bioavailability. That said, CBD edibles are easier to dose and can be less messy than oils and drops.

Here’s where Royal CBD’s gummies come in, which they make from organic, non-GMO hemp using supercritical CO2 extraction. Like all other products of the brand, the gummies undergo third-party testing for cannabinoid and terpene content, as well as for over 200 toxic chemicals.

Royal CBD’s gummies are available in concentrations of 10 mg and 25 mg and come in strawberry, grape, and orange flavor. They are also 100% THC-free, which is great news for anyone who needs to go through mandatory drug testing at work.

Best CBD Capsules: Medterra CBD Gel Capsules

Medterra is a U.S. Hemp Authority certified brand, and all its suppliers adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standard. The company only uses non-GMO, pesticide-free, organic hemp grown in the U.S. If you want to check their lab results, you can find all their batch-specific certificates of analysis on Medterra’s website.

The gel capsules themselves come in strengths of 25 mg and 50 mg, and you get 30 pieces per bottle. Both varieties have 0% THC. The CBD extract is submerged in fractionated organic coconut oil, which is then encapsulated using bovine gelatin for hassle-free consumption.

Best Miscellaneous CBD Edible: Pot D’Huile CBD-Infused Olive Oil

If you are looking for more natural ways to incorporate CBD in your diet, Pot D’Huile’s CBD-Infused Olive Oil might be just the thing.

The carrier oil is single variety, certified organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil from California. Mixed into this, you also get Pot D’Huile’s full-spectrum CBD oil, which comes from a farm currently undergoing USDA organic certification. The CBD extract is derived using ethanol extraction and is third-party tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins.

Perhaps best of all, Pot D’Huile’s product tastes just like premium olive oil. It goes with everything as it doesn’t have that distinctive cannabis aftertaste — even though you get a full 1 mg of CBD per 1 ml of olive oil.

Best Topical CBD Product: CBDPure CBD-Infused Muscle and Joint Cream

Creams and balms might provide faster and more effective relief to people suffering from muscle and joint pain than CBD oils or edibles.

CBDPure’s 250 mg cream is one of the best topical products on the market. It is developed using organically grown U.S. hemp via supercritical CO2 extraction.

The non-greasy, full-spectrum CBD formula also packs in other beneficial ingredients. Among them are menthol and white willow bark extract that further boost its effectiveness. What’s more, the product delivers rapid absorption and instant relief within 2–3 minutes from application on the target area.


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